Huddersfield Rifle Club

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Membership Information


Membership of the club is open to all subject to any conditions imposed by the Home Office under the Firearms Act.

The club is Home Office approved and Affiliated to the National Rifle Association.

Anyone interested in target shooting and wishing to take up the sport by joining the Huddersfield Rifle Club, should attend a range day which take place on most Saturday afternoons between the beginning of April and the end of October.

If you wish to attend, please email the membership secretary who will confirm if membership places are available and an available date.

As a Home office Approved Club, shooting is not permitted on the first visit but will be on the second and subsequent visits following the completion of a Membership Application Form and section 21 declaration.

New members to the sport, non Firearm Certificate (FAC) holders, are required to serve a minimum six month probationary period before upgrading to Full Membership.

The cost of membership is :-

Joining Fee                    10.00

Annual Subscription        Junior (under 18) 20.00
                                   Adult                 45.00
                                   Country Member  22.50

The cost of a shoot is currently:-
- Range fee 8.00 per day
- Ammunition 14.40 to 17.28 for 24 rounds depending upon type & quality required. Unless you have an FAC with relevant conditions, any unused ammunition must be surrendered upon completion of day's shooting.
- Guest fee 2.00 Probationary members must pay the guest fee at every visit.

A 100 yard range is also available to the membership and a range fee of 4.00 for Saturday's (and Sunday's when a fullbore shoot is taking place or 2.00 for weekdays is payable for its usage. Users are responsible for arranging a suitably qualified range officer to supervise the shooters who must use standard NRA or NSRA approved targets.  Anyone paying to shoot at 200 yards and 500 yards on a Saturday or Sunday can use the 100 yard range inclusive of their range fees.  Members paying 4.00 for the 100 yard range can use the range for the rest of the week without additional charge.

Anyone attending the range must comply with the club Safety Regulations which can be accessed by clicking <HERE>

If you are interested in joining the club please email the membership secretary





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